The Language We Speak

Date: | Author: Gretchen Averette | Category: Missions Stories

The quaint villages that dot the countryside of Serbia with their women heading to market on bicycles and men rumbling by on tractors have a timeless simplicity. As we pulled into the village we would call home for the week, I wondered if the cultural differences and language barrier would be ...

A Three Circles Chalk Talk

Date: | Author: Bryan Mull | Category: Missions Stories

Our team spent a week in a community just outside of Boston running a sports camp for children with a partner church. One of those children at the camp, Abraham, was a fourth grader who had almost no experience with sports, but he was a thoughtful and quiet learner. In our devotion times, he sat ...

A Biblical View of Financial Debt

Date: | Author: Brian Frost | Category: Financial

When a church proposes the possibility of incurring debt we examine what the Bible says about borrowing money. Below are six questions and answers that will help guide your thinking about what the Bible has to say about this important topic.  Question 1: What is a church? A church is a ...


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