One of our core values is the undergirding of prayer in all we do. We believe that without prayer there is no reason to anticipate the attending power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our ministry.

Our vision is to see the people of Providence:

Pursuing Christ through prayer.

Believing that a relationship with Christ is our greatest good, and that communication is vital to this relationship, we must seek Him in prayer.

Pleading for Christ’s kingdom through prayer.

Biblically and historically, the one non-negotiable in times of spiritual renewal is a corporate petition for the honor of Christ through the purity and expansion of His church.

Undergirding our ministries through prayer.

Understanding that our battle is not against flesh and blood, we must bring each ministry to the Lord in prayer, asking for His power and grace.

Shielding our pastors and leaders through prayer.

Believing our pastor and leaders live in the crosshairs of our enemy, we must protect them through prayer.

Bearing one another’s burdens through prayer.

Every believer needs other believers to intercede on their behalf.

Training our next generation to pray.

In order to perpetuate a people faithful to pray, we must train each generation at Providence to pray.


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