Monthly Prayer Guide

january 1

Support Groups Beginning In January

Pray for support groups as they continue or restart a new group. Pray the Lord will lead many to come and find help and healing. Pray that nonbelievers will find a relationship with Christ through the study in which they participate.

january 2

Joseph Williams » Feed the Hunger

Pray for an extensive trip planned for two weeks in January to visit multiple partners in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Pray for Co-Founder Patt Williams and Director of Field Ministries Melinda Staples as they go.

january 3

Children's Ministry

Pray that the teaching of God’s Word on Sunday mornings would fall on the soft soil of children’s hearts and that many would come to faith. Pray for boldness among our children as they share Christ with their friends.

january 4

Michael & Sharon Mehaffie » Cru at NC State

Pray for the spring semester to be fruitful as they seek to win people to Christ, build them in their faith, and send them to win, build, and send others. Pray that Jesus will be their first love and the center of their work.

january 5

John & Jennifer

Pray for approval from the government for Jennifer to volunteer at the local hospital. Pray for John to get a few customers for a potential business. Also pray for close friendships and community for them.

january 6

Michael Suffridge » Refugee Hope Partners

Pray for four teen girls who are struggling with depression. Pray for one girl specifically as she has expressed a desire to end her life. Pray for their team as they minister to these girls.

january 7

Nia M.

Pray for new teammates that will arrive in the country this month. Pray for the support raising process, and pray for Nia to seek the Lord’s guidance in training.

january 8

James Roberson & Josh Edney » Bridge Church

Pray for City Group leader training on January 8, and for both Known Campaign Outreaches on January 19 and 26.

january 9

Student Ministry

Pray for students to return to Life Group and Refinery with a renewed passion to conform to the image of Christ. Pray that they will learn new truths from God’s Word and be faithful to encourage and pray for one another.

january 10

Andy & Quinn

Pray for their continued language process. They have completed 240 hours of the 2,000 hour program. Pray that the good news of Christmas would reach their friends.

January 11

Ricky & Errica Stevens » Bridges International

Pray for openness among the international students, as they have seen God working among those from Muslim countries. Pray for God’s Spirit to show them the truth and for new believers to be grounded in the faith.

january 12

Steve & Melinda McMillan » Crossworld & AIM International

Pray for the Jesus Film scheduled with the remote Dorobo village in the Mau Hills.

january 13

Life Group Leadership

Pray that God will encourage the leaders tonight as they meet. Praise God for His faithfulness to raise up leaders within the church to lead, teach, and shepherd Life Groups.

january 14

Ann Harrington » Frontiers, Malawi

Pray for the Lord’s guidance, favor with the people group, safety, and changed hearts to recognize Jesus as savior and Lord in 2019.

january 15

Jesse & Bobbie

Pray for the development of the second phase of teaching materials. Pray for the three small groups that are currently hearing teaching weekly. Praise God that the Book is being taught in the T language.

january 16

Barry Phillips » Aurora College of Intercultural Studies

Pray for the safety of the workers who are building classrooms and some office space for the staff. They are experiencing frequent power outages, heavy rain, and other delays.

january 17

College Ministry

Pray that God would stir college-aged people to put down meaningful roots at a local church and that God would draw many of them to Providence. Pray for PCM’s Life Groups and the people who lead them. Pray that they would grow in love for Jesus and for people.

january 18

Central Asia Short-Term Mission Trip

Pray for the Central Asia Short-Term Mission Team from Providence, as they host VBS to missionary kids and engage the city with evangelism and prayer. Pray for God to render eternal value through all their efforts.

january 19

Benevolence Ministry

Pray for Benevolence Ministry team members as they interact with those in financial need. Pray for wisdom, insight, and discernment for each one and for the leading of the Holy Spirit in each circumstance.

january 20

Sanctity Of Human Life

Pray that we as a church and a nation would stand up for the sanctity of human life.

january 21

Mark & Leslie Vance » Crossworld

Pray for their trip to Brazil to teach a course at a Bible institute in the Amazon region this month, for ability in Portuguese, and growth for the students. Pray for relationships with new international students at UNC-Chapel Hill.

january 22

Drew, Leslie & Family

Pray that they would stay in the Word and in prayer, and seek opportunities to share the gospel with those around them.

january 23

David & Kathie » Cru

Pray for open, teachable hearts as David trains 85 new missionaries January 23-26. Pray for them as they hone disciple-making skills through nine weeks of Wednesday night sessions that begin January 30.

january 24

Gray & Brandy Gainor

Pray for Brandy and her new outreach in the community using fitness classes to preach the gospel to the ladies of their neighborhood. Ask for good weather, open hearts, and bold proclamation of the gospel.

january 25

Paul Negrut » Emanuel University of Oradea, Romania

Pray for mission work in Romania, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, Greece, and France. Pray for financial needs to replace two rundown cars and for evangelistic week at Emanuel Church.

january 26

Angela D. 

Pray for the outreach at two local schools to youth who face many challenges including broken homes, parents addicted to drugs or alcohol, and abuse. Pray that they will come to know Jesus.

january 27

Aaron, Kristen & August Hughes » Cru, Sweden

Pray for the local churches to have vision and love for the university. Pray for their daughter that comes in April and for their son who will turn two then.

january 28

Anatol Dunas » Church Emanuel Cahul MD

Pray for the students' English project who will hear the gospel. Pray for the construction of two cabins this month, each for 40 beds at the campsite.

january 29

The Unreached Hui People of China

The Hui are the third largest minority of China. The Hui speak standard Mandarin and almost all Hui are Sunni Muslims. Most Hui have yet to hear the gospel of Christ. Pray for the few thriving churches among the Hui to stay strong in their faith.

january 30

Jude & Katelyn Daniel » Agape UK (Cru)

Pray for God to lead them to a home to buy in Central London that meets all of their family and ministry needs, and for the Holy Spirit to enable them to continue to trust his perfect timing and provision.

january 31

The Persecuted Church In Saudi Arabia

Anti-Christian feelings are common among Saudi citizens. Government officials maintain a strict Islamic system that treats Christians as second-class citizens. Pray for Saudi Christians to become mature in the Lord. Pray that they will find ways to share their faith with friends and family members even in the face of intense oppression.