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Saturday, March 21, 2015, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Providence Baptist Church, 6339 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC US 27612

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In the book of Jeremiah, God tells us that our welfare is tied to the welfare of our city. We have an incredible opportunity to reach out and serve our city in Jesus' name without asking for anything in return. We will join together for CityServe: a time where our congregation will serve alongside one another as we go outside of our walls and into our community. We know that many LIFE Classes at Providence have ideas on places to serve or places where they may already be serving regularly. We'd encourage you to continue serving there and building relationships. Set something up with your contacts for March 21 and then let us know so we can be praying for you and supporting you. Use the registration form under Neighborhood Outreach Projects.

On March 21 we'll start the morning at Providence with coffee and doughnuts to fuel us up. We'll gather as teams and pray for the welfare of our city before we go out and serve together.

Watch highlights from the last CityServe in the fall:


Hilburn Academy

Help serve the busy teachers at Hilburn Academy with organizing, sorting and cleaning. We may also do some outdoor clean up as well.  

  • Age restrictions: 13 and up
  • Supplies: Yard tools, gloves, work clothes (outdoor)
  • Providence Contact: Jessica Theiss
  • Group size: 60


Leesville Road High School

Beautify the courtyard at Leesville Road High school! We will be doing a major renovation of the courtyard.

  • Age Restrictions: 12 and up
  • Supplies: Yard tools, gloves, work clothes
  • Providence Contact: Ryan Doty
  • Group Size: 35


Raleigh Gardens Basketball Tournament (1-4 PM) – FULL

Help run a tournament for the Raleigh Gardens kids! We will be organizing teams and playing a real tournament. Come out and play with the kids!

  • Age Restrictions: 12 and up
  • Supplies: basketballs, water coolers
  • Providence Contact: Gary Freeman
  • Group Size: 15

Casa del Sol Soccer Tournament (1-4 PM) – FULL

Help run a tournament for the Casa del Sol kids! We will be organizing kids into teams and playing a real tournament. Come out and play with the kids as well as fellowship with their parents.


  • Age Restrictions: 12 and up
  • Supplies: soccer balls, water coolers
  • Providence Contact: Bradley McClure
  • Group Size: 20


New Life Camp - FULL

We are returning to help make improvements to serve this Christian camp. We will be spreading gravel, mulching, repairing picnic tables and cleaning golf carts. Some general yard work will be done as well.

  • Age restrictions: 10 and up
  • Supplies: work clothes, yard tools
  • Providence Contact: Chip McGuirt & Jeff Raynor
  • Group size: 60


The Green Chair

The Green Chair Project provides home furnishings donated from our community for families and individuals who have transitioned from homelessness or disasters and have secured sustainable housing.  Volunteer jobs are varied at this time and include very light work to very heavy moving. Most are focused on preparing donated items for display in their showroom.

  • Age Restrictions: 13 and up (those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Supplies: none
  • Providence Contact: TBD
  • Group Size: 20


Cart Valet

Take the shoppers at Food Lion and Walmart back to the old days when they still helped you to the car with your groceries. We’ll offer this service to shoppers as they leave, taking the cart to their car, helping them unload it, and returning it to the store.

  • Age Restrictions: 13 and up
  • Supplies: none
  • Group Size: 20 at each location
  • Providence Contact: Thomas West & Daniel Moore

Register: Food Lion   

Walmart registration opening soon

CityServe Prayer Team

ALL events should be covered in prayer or we will be guilty of serving in our own strength!   Join us in the Providence Prayer Room, Suite B, from 9:30-12:30 to pray for our teams serving our city. You can sign up for 30 minute slots or stay as long as you would like. This is a great option for those of us who are unable to do physical labor.

  • Age Restrictions: 10 years old and up (accompanied by an adult)
  • Supplies: none
  • Providence Contact: Judy Herriott
  • Group Size: unlimited




Hope Reins – FULL

Farm chores are necessary to keep horses and participants safe for their therapy sessions. Put your work boots on and be ready to do barn chores, mowing, and grounds clean up.

  • Age Restrictions: all ages welcome
  • Supplies: work gloves, boots, water bottle
  • Providence Contact: Cindy McClure
  • Group Size: 30

Leesville Road Elementary School – FULL

Serve our schools by helping clean up the grounds at Leesville Elementary School.

  • Age Restrictions: 6 years old and up (accompanied by an adult)
  • Supplies: Yard tools, work clothes, gloves
  • Providence Contact: Josh Estep
  • Group Size: 35

Sycamore Creek Elementary School – FULL

Help serve the busy teachers at Sycamore Creek  with organizing, sorting and cleaning. We may also do some outdoor clean up as well.  

  • Age Restrictions: 6 years old and up (accompanied by an adult)
  • Supplies: TBD
  • Providence Contact: Tana Poole
  • Group Size: 35


Ella’s Race/Family Fun Run – CLOSED

Support a good cause while interacting with others in our community by being a part of Ella’s Race, an annual event sponsored by Chick-fil-a that raises money to go to organizations that are helping fight pediatric brain cancer. You can serve here either by being a volunteer or by participating in the race. The family fun race begins at 9:30 am and is 1 mile long.


  • Age restrictions: None
  • Supplies: None
  • Providence Contact: Mike Edwards
  • Group Size: unlimited


Mayview Nursing Home – FULL

Come sing praise and worship songs with the residents of Mayview Nursing Home. Share the love of Christ by spending quality time with a new friend.

  • Age Restrictions: 4 and up
  • Supplies: Guitar, songbooks or hymnals
  • Providence Contact: Crystal Waters
  • Group Size: 35


Multi-Housing Ministry Outreach

Serve a free breakfast to the residents of an apartment complex close to Providence as they drive in and out in the morning. There are three locations to choose from.

For each location:

  • Age Restrictions: 4 and up (accompanied by an adult)
  • Supplies: pastries, drinks, table, chairs, signs
  • Group Size: 12 at each location
  • Providence Contact: Hunter Young (Inman Park); Sharon Martinez (Marquis on Edwards Mill); Evan Phillips (Thornhill)

Register: Inman Park  


Neighborhood Outreach Projects

What better way to serve the city than to serve your own neighbors? This outreach can lead to relationships you can continue to invest in with the hope of sharing the gospel. We’ve already gotten started with some ideas for you that you can find below. We have also compiled lots of ideas for ways to take advantage of March Madness to get to know your neighbors (click here). Or you can come up with your own ideas. Once you decide what you are going to do, please register it below so that we can pray and support you as you take this step of faith.

Try Something New

If you and your LIFE Class or a group of friends want to try something in the community that is not on this list below, please let us know about it. Under “Outreach Description”, please include the name of the LIFE Class or names of the individuals involved in the outreach.


Neighborhood Ideas

  1. Host a block party –  There are lots of ways to do this from providing everything yourself to “Bring Your Own Meat” to having a potluck.  Download this Block Party packet for step by step instructions.
  2. Board Game Night  Who doesn’t love a good game of UNO or Trivial Pursuit? Encourage some friendly competition by hosting a board game night in your community room (or outdoors if the weather cooperates). You can provide drinks and snacks, or, if your budget is tight, have a potluck and encourage residents to bring a dish to share.
  3. Car Wash Do a FREE neighborhood car wash at your apartment complex or community center.  Invite families and kids to work together. Engage your neighbors and invite them to church or the Fall Festival. Be sure to clear your event with your complex manager first!
  4. Yard Work or House Cleaning Recruit some friends or neighbors and do yard or house work for an elderly neighbor or single Mom.
  5. Movie Under the Stars Take advantage of the cool and crisp weather and plan an outdoor movie night. Rent an outdoor movie screen and provide the movie, soft drinks, and popcorn. Invite residents to bring blankets, lawn chairs and additional snacks.
  6. Sports Tournament Does your complex have a basketball court or a field? Host a neighborhood tournament (this is a huge hit in apartment communities). It can be for kids or adults.
  7. Casserole Swap Freezing make-ahead meals for busy weeknights can be a daunting job, even for the most efficient and organized cooks. Turn this chore into a party by inviting friends over to sample and swap frozen casseroles. To make sure there is a wide range of dishes to choose from, assign each guest a different casserole to bring. Each participant will cook two batches of her assigned casserole: one to freeze and swap, and one to enjoy at the party. This way, everyone gets to try each casserole and pick one to take home.
  8. Closet Clean Out Finding time to drop off clothes to the local donation center can be a challenge!  So invite each resident to bring as many new or gently used items to your house or community center to be donated to Note in a Pocket or another great non-profit. Sort your donations while having snacks and drinks. If you want to go beyond simply donating clothes, a good incentive would be to help residents “Fill Up” their closet, too! Invite local businesses or boutiques to come and show off their clothing.  
  9. Craft Party Craft parties are great for communities because they allow people to actually build something, which provides a bond between neighbors. Every time your neighbors see or use that item, they think back positively on the event, which is more powerful than most summer parties! So check out Pinterest and go for it!
  10. Cookie Exchange Who said a cookie exchanges were just for the holidays?! Invite neighbors to participate by making 3 dozen cookies. Have a taste test fellowship.  Then, take those cookies to the neighbors who didn’t attend along with an invite to church or the Fall Festival. Or just eat them! 


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