Katelyn & Jude Daniel


Katelyn grew up at Providence and attended college at UNC-Chapel Hill.  She was on staff with Bridges International at UNC-Chapel Hill for four years after graduation before marrying Jude and moving to London to join him in ministry with Agape. Jude has served with Agape since graduating from the London School of Economics in 2007. He currently serves at LSE and as the team leader for greater London Cru team while Katelyn leads the team at Kings College London.

There are 400,000 university students in London and 100,000 are international students. London is home to some of the best universities in the world, producing future statesmen, business leaders, and science innovators. The Daniels have the chance to influence the entire world through reaching students that have come to London. Students on campus come from diverse backgrounds– atheistic, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, nominal Christian, etc. Katelyn and Jude hope to share Christ with university students in London, to help them grow in their faith and equip them to share the gospel with others, and to send them out into the world to reach others for Christ.

Katelyn is a member of Providence and is connected with the Goekings Life Group. She and Jude are typically stateside around Christmas to New Years as well as summers.

Birthdays: Jude (October 12), Katelyn (March 30)

Anniversary: August 3, 2013

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that they would meet students who are spiritually open.
  • Pray for their relationship with God to grow and to be the motivation for their ministry.
  • Pray for Katelyn and Jude's marriage and their life and ministry together in London.
  • Pray that God would supply the remaining support for their five new interns.
  • Pray that this year would be characterized by a spirit of rest and trust in the Lord and of daily walking in dependence on the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for wisdom as they lead a new, young team.