A person willing to listen to you, pray with you, encourage you and help can mean so much during times of trial. When God's people come together to help each other, our God is glorified and people are ministered to.

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counseling for a variety of personal and relationship issues is available to our church members and regular attendees. We can also recommend other Christian counseling professionals in the area. For more information, contact Pam Hofer.

Cancer Companions

Providence is part of a nationwide Ministry called Cancer Companions. This Ministry trains, equips, and supports caring individuals who provide a safe, supportive environment for cancer families to draw close to Christ. This is based on James 4:8.

Providence has individuals who are trained and ready to provide this ministry to cancer families. For more information or to report a family dealing with cancer or if you desire to be a part of this ministry, call Susan Roeger at 919-847-4218 or Larry Gilson at 919-326-3000.