Living Waters

Living Waters is a Christ-centered discipleship course and prayer ministry for men and women across the Triangle: single and married, all ages 18 and over and all relational/sexual issues*. It is a proven path of healing and transformation for believers** worldwide.

This 20-week ministry is run in a closed group format. The next session at Providence is to begin September 2019 and run through March 2020 on Thursday evenings. Applications will be received June through August 2019. For those who turn in their applications by the deadline of August 15, 2019, the cost for the program is $200. The cost will increase to $250 for people who turn in their applications after that deadline.

To learn more, see our handout below. To see how Living Waters is changing lives, view the video testimonies below.

application Handout

* What are relational wounds and sexual brokenness issues? Anything that keeps us from loving well, such as failed marriages, emotional dependency, abuse, narcissism, sexual promiscuity and addiction, pornography use, gender insecurity, self-hatred, sexual identity confusion, same-sex attraction, homosexuality, and asexuality

** Faith in Jesus Christ is required of all persons who participate in Living Waters. This is not an effort to restrict or be exclusive but believing in Jesus as the source of our healing is needed to go deeper into a relationship with God and to deal with the wounds and needs within our hearts. Such faith also opens relationships with others. This commonality in faith helps create safety and trust for other persons in the small groups of Living Waters.

Non-believers may participate in any of the other Providence support groups described on this website, and may also set an appointment to meet with a pastor or counselor to discuss faith issues, including accepting Jesus as their personal savior, healer, and friend.