Student Life

Sunday Mornings

Sunday morning Student Life groups are our time for students to come together to connect in community and grow in their walk with God.

Groups are offered for grades 6 – 9 at 9:30 AM, and grades 6 – 12 at 11 AM. These groups are designed for students to nourish friendships, learn from God's Word, and encourage each other in their walk with God. It's an awesome opportunity to come together every week with other people your age and develop your understanding of the one and only Jesus Christ.

All groups meet on the third floor. Guests, stop by the Guest Info desk near the elevators and stairwell closest to our lobbies.


Beginning June 10, Student Life groups will consist of sermon alignment. You can use the sermon series web page for additional resources.

Sunday Worship

Most families with students attend the 9:30 AM worship service due to the majority of Student Life Groups meeting during the 11 AM service. Life Groups for grades 6 – 9 will also meet during the 9:30 AM service.