3-Year Vision

We exist to glorify God by introducing all peoples to Jesus Christ and growing them up to love and worship Him. This is our unchanging mission. As we open our eyes to the Scriptures and to what is happening around the world, we see Jesus connecting people, growing people, serving people, and going to people. This is our unchanging discipleship strategy.

Our constant desire is to align our lives with Jesus and to be on mission with Him. But with this mission and discipleship strategy, where do we see Providence three years from now? Inspired by the promise that our faithful sowing can reap a harvest that glorifies God, we want to plant three good seeds in three good soils over the next three years here at Providence.


Weekly Messages


As believers, God calls us to invest ourselves in His church for His glory.

Ways to plug in at Providence:

PRAY Volunteer Find A Life Group Give Financially



The more we value the gospel, the more passionate we are to share it with our neighbors.

Tool to share the gospel:




God loves the church and He wants to use His church to share His gospel with the world.

Ways to take the gospel to the world:



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