Band Musicians

Volunteer, Sundays, Musical,

Use your musical talent to play during worship services on Sunday mornings.

Benevolence Team Member

Volunteer, Area of Service, Financial, Any Day,

Help process and assess requests for benevolence funds.

Communion Prep

Volunteer, Sundays, Saturday, Communion,

Volunteers are needed to serve the church family by preparing the communion elements. There are two preparation teams so each team member serves just once every other month.

Community Hope Tutor

Volunteer, Tutor, Wednesdays, Children, Tuesdays, Thursdays,

Support and encourage a child in reading and spiritual conversations.

Eldercare Team Leader

Volunteer, Any Day, Support, Encouragement,

Lead and recruit a team to visit, send cards, and call older women of the church.

Elementary Teacher

Volunteer, Teacher, Sundays, Children,

Serve in an elementary classroom on Sunday mornings.

IMAG Graphics Operator

Volunteer, Sundays, Media,

The IMAG graphics operator initiate the videos, slides, and lyrics that appear on the screen during worship services.

Kid's Life Hospitality

Volunteer, Sundays, Children, Hospitality,

Serve at the Children's Atrium desk answering questions and helping guests.

Leader of Count Team

Volunteer, Sundays, Financial,

Oversee groups that count/deposit gifts each Sunday.