Library Book Check-In

Volunteer, Mondays, Library,

These team members check in items from Sunday, shelve these items and prepare the library for the next Sunday’s circulation.

Library Circulation Desk

Volunteer, Sundays, Library,

Those who work the circulation desk check out books to patrons and empty the dropbox of items.

Life Group Leader

Volunteer, Teacher, Any Day,

Prep and lead weekly discussion through a book of the Bible or topic.

Lighting Operator

Volunteer, Sundays, Media,

The lighting operator manages light cues to assist in focusing attention on certain elements during the service.

Live Camera Operator

Volunteer, Sundays, Media,

It takes several camera operators each Sunday to help the video side of the worship services run smoothly.

Prayer Coordinator

Volunteer, Any Day, Prayer,

Lead and recruit women to pray as well as spearhead a special interest prayer group for women.

Preschool Teacher

Volunteer, Sundays, Children,

Serve in a preschool classroom on Sunday mornings.

Providence Café Coffee Team

Volunteer, Sundays, Hospitality, Food & Drink Prep,

Help be a part of the team that serves hundreds of cups of coffee each Sunday.

Upper Room Prayer Leader

Volunteer, Any Day, Prayer,

Choose a day and fill an hour time slot praying through prayer requests each week.

Special Needs Buddy

Volunteer, Sundays, Children, Special Needs,

Work one on one with a child with special needs on Sunday mornings. No experience required.