Vision 2 20

Focusing For 2 Years For The Next 20 Years

We will maximize what God has entrusted to us

in order to multiply ministry impact and sending capacity

for the next 20 years.


Construction Updates









We understand that being displaced for worship is not optimal and we would avoid it if at all possible. However, in the current circumstances, we believe it is the optimal solution and the short duration of sacrifice will produce much fruit for years to come. We have worked with the architects, engineers, and contractors to minimize the timeframe as much as possible. Based on current estimates the front entrance and main lobby will be closed starting in late fall and extending through late spring 2017 (approximately six months).

Based on our current attendance, we would use the amphitheater for the 8 AM service, the DLC, Amphitheater, Prisms, and Fellowship Hall for the 9:30 AM service, and the DLC and Amphitheater for the 11 AM service. We would aim to have live music and preaching in both the DLC and amphitheater most Sundays and a video feed in other rooms.

Price Breakdown?

The expanded worship center and lobby is expected to cost approximately $6.75M. Renovation of the 5.9-acre adjacent lot is expected to cost approximately $1.0M.

Will Providence need to incur debt?

Maybe. Once the project scope and estimates were established, we realized we would be approximately $3.25M short of having enough contributions from commitments to cover the full cost of construction. The elders are open to borrowing that amount if needed, but we desire first and foremost to give the PBC family an opportunity to cover the difference prior to borrowing. Thus, in July 2016 we asked the congregation to prayerfully consider to give for the first time towards Vision 2 20 (from July 2016 – June 2017) or extend their existing commitment from January 2017 – June 2017. At that point, if we are still short of funds, we will borrow the needed amount and seek to pay it back as soon as possible without negatively impacting ministry.

Will Providence need to incur debt to fund Vision 2 20?

It is the prayer and desire of the elders that the vision be fully funded through commitments made by our church family. Believing this vision is extremely critical to future years of ministry, the elders are willing to responsibly borrow money, up to a certain point, in order to fund this vision.

How long is my commitment?

Original commitments were for two years, from December 2014 through December 2016. In July 2016 the elders made another request of the congregation to prayerfully consider:

1) Making a one-year commitment (from July 2016 – June 2017) to Vision 2 20 if they had never committed previously.


2) Extending their existing commitment for an additional 6 months from January 2017 – June 2017 if they were able to do so.

By using a “One Fund” how are ministries and projects funded when they are typically funded through designated funds?

Current designated funds, such as benevolence, missions, building and others, will have a budgeted amount in the “One Fund”. The budgeted amount will be based on historical data and any projected needs over the next two years. No other monetary requests will be made of the congregation during this time. Therefore, every weekend becomes an opportunity to celebrate and contribute towards what God is doing in and through Providence as we give to support Vision 2 20.

The only designated funds that will not be included in the “One Fund” are funds that are given to support an individual participating in an activity, like a mission trip or camp, or funds given to support your own involvement in an activity.

How did we decide on the size of the proposed worship center?

In our long-range planning with the architects, we projected our current attendance into the future for 15 years with moderate, annual growth. At the same time, we were working with engineers to maximize parking for our site without the use of any parking structures. Based on those analyses and on our current acreage, our site will be maximized and capacity will be capped at 3,000 people for worship on Sunday mornings.

Are there additional ways besides cash that I can give more to Vision 2 20?

Be creative as you explore ways you and your family can give generously towards Vision 2 20. Consider your daily and monthly spending habits and ask God for ways to cut back so you can give more. Use this as a chance to teach children to obey the Lord with a generous heart and to trust Him. This is a great opportunity to take a look at our overall stewardship of all that God has entrusted to us. As you consider how God is leading you to give, don’t overlook stored assets that you own. Gifts of appreciated property (stocks, real estate, mutual funds, jewelry, artwork, collectibles, etc.) often make great gifts with significant tax advantages.

Please consult with a professional advisor for advice regarding your particular circumstance. If you need assistance with making a gift of property or stock, we would be delighted to help. You can contact our CFO, Codey Hendren, by email or by calling 919-326-3000 for questions or instructions.