We believe we are called to glorify God by introducing all people to Jesus Christ.

At Providence, our faith is rooted in Christ and supported by Scripture. We’ve compiled our Statement of Faith, position papers, Covenant, and Core Values to provide you with a good foundation of what we believe and some biblical guidance on certain aspects of the Christian life and life within the church.

Statement of Faith

Our Statement of Faith gives you a good foundation for what we believe as a church and what Scripture we believe supports these beliefs.

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Position Papers

To provide some biblical guidance for certain aspects of the Christian life and life within the church, our elders have adopted various position statements and guidelines. These are to help us have a common Bible-based position as we deal with some of the challenging but common issues of life as Christians. While these documents may not be totally comprehensive for every detail or situation, they provide a biblical foundation that guides the counsel and actions of Providence.

Church Discipline Guidelines      Pornography     Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage



In the fall of 2013, the leadership and congregation of Providence affirmed themselves to twelve covenant points we hold together as a church.

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Core Values

Providence understands and fulfills its calling in the context of twelve core values which define the nature of our collective ministry and individual ministries.

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