Pastor of Missions

Phil was born September 1, 1970 and grew up in Greenville, NC. He met his wife, Linda, while attending Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC and they married in 1997. Phil spent 17 years with the Raleigh Police Department before joining the staff at Christ Baptist Church (Raleigh) in 2011. Phil and his wife have four children: Valerie, Lexi, Juju, and Phillip.

Personal Testimony & Call To Ministry

I did not grow up in a Christian home, but our family attended church occasionally throughout my childhood. During my high school years, I found my identity in basketball. Jesus was only someone I would think about in times of trouble or heartache. This mindset persisted throughout my college years at Wake Forest University. After graduating, I joined the Raleigh Police Department and my identity moved from basketball to being a good police officer. In 1997 I married Linda and we attended a local church when it was convenient for our schedules. Two years later, one of my wife’s friends invited me to go on a mission trip to China using basketball as a platform to share the gospel. I wasn’t sure why they were inviting me because I was not a Christian and was unfamiliar with the idea of missions. However, the Lord moved and I went. As I was sitting in the airport in Detroit, one of the team members was sharing thoughts about the gospel. As I listened, the Lord begin to stir my heart. Sitting in the hotel in China in a team meeting, I observed something different about the guys on our team. They all were on fire for Jesus; it was evident they found their identity in Christ. It was on that trip that I put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. On the return flight, I wrote in my journal that I now have a peace that I had searched for in basketball and police work for so many years. Once back in Raleigh, I was baptized and joined Bayleaf Baptist Church.

In 2003, Linda and I joined Christ Baptist Church. There, I began to teach Sunday school and was a leader in a local Bible study. God used teaching Sunday school to equip and grow me for greater ministry. I joined the missions team at church and begin to lead mission trips in 2005. My heart grew for the nations as well as for the discipleship of his people. I became an elder at Christ Baptist Church in 2008 and the Lord continued to equip me for the calling to come. I enjoyed my job with the police department, but began to feel unsettled. One of my closest friends and I began to pray about this unsettledness. In 2010 I had a lunch meeting with Allan Moseley, the senior pastor at the time. I told him there are three things I love to do in the church: teach the Bible, lead missions, and disciple men. I wasn’t sure what the Lord was doing, but I was open to working in the church or going to the nations long-term. The day before my lunch with Allan, he met with someone in our church who had given him a job description needed at Christ Baptist Church. The job description included the three things I had mentioned to Allan. Over the next few months the Lord made it clear that he was moving me from the police department to vocational ministry at Christ Baptist Church. In January 2011, I became their Pastor of Missions and Discipleship.

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