It’s not easy being a man in a culture that isn’t sure what manliness is. Have you ever considered how it got so crazy? Maybe we’ve been trying to live life on the wrong terms.

Maybe it’s time to do it on His terms.

That’s why the Providence Men’s Ministry exists. We work to equip men with the tools they need to find peace and purpose in their roles as leaders, husbands, fathers, and friends. We want to help men learn how to balance work and family life, build stronger marriages, become better fathers, grow spiritually and enjoy Christian fellowship.

Men’s Breakfast

Start each Tuesday with a full-course breakfast ($1), a great time of friendship, and consider how God’s Word spurs us to be men of faith.

All men are welcome to attend when able. No registration required.

Care Groups

We know that life plans don’t always go as planned and when life gets hard sometimes we need a group that can help walk with us and show us hope in our situation.


Resources For Men

Explore a list of books that are written specifically to help men grow in their faith.


Fighting Passivity

Our hope for conquering passivity rests firmly in Jesus’ power to do so, and in our life being hidden in Him.


The Two “C’s” Of Pornography

Pornography may be one of the most dangerous things in the world facing the modern church. While it is enjoyed in private by a shocking number of people, it is not a struggle for a disturbed few. It is a challenge for people globally, and many church-going Christians are especially stuck in the crushing grip…


The Gospel for Singleness

Both singleness and marriage are gifts from God. They are each gifts that a loving Father wisely gives to his children for specific purposes. Greater than being single or being married is being a child of God who participates in the mission of God. Both singleness and marriage have strategic roles in helping God’s children…


Bryan Nelson

Pastor of Family Care
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Pam Hofer

Ministry Assistant (Care)
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