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What Does “Single” Mean?

For the purpose of clarity, we define a single adult as one who is post-college and considered legally single. We empathize with and recognize the heartache associated with divorce and separation. If you find yourself in this challenge we sincerely want to help. We would like to pray for you and encourage you as you seek healing, so please contact us.

Life Groups

Life Groups are a critical part of any Christian wanting to stay rooted and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Groups for all life stages are available.


The Gospel for Sex(ual Sin)

How can we think about the issue of sex and how does the gospel specifically address the issue of sexual sin?


The Gospel for Singleness

Both singleness and marriage are gifts from God. They are each gifts that a loving Father wisely gives to his children for specific purposes. Greater than being single or being married is being a child of God who participates in the mission of God. Both singleness and marriage have strategic roles in helping God’s children…


Loving The Different

This article summarizes a few truths from our sermon series, Building Blocks of the Family [Link to sermon] and lays a foundation of how we can process and think through the issues of manhood and womanhood. There was a time in our culture when biblical teaching on gender identity wasn’t a flash point. A boy…


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