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Every Christian has a testimony or story of God’s grace at work in his or her life and while many points regarding the circumstances of their salvation experience may vary, the common theme for every Christian is “Jesus Christ died for me.” Both the Lord’s Supper and baptism remind us of the message of the gospel—that by Christ’s death, He saves us from sin and binds our hearts together as one.


Baptisms are held several times throughout the year, including Sunday mornings and during our annual Celebration Sunday baptism evening in August. If you’re interested in getting baptized, please click on “I’m Ready” to register for baptism. Note: if your child or student is interested in baptism, please fill out the Kids & Students baptism form. Our next Baptisms will happen on August 18. If you are ready to be baptized, please fill out the form below. Reach out to Joseph DelGrosso for any questions that you may have. 

Has Your Child Asked About Baptism?


If your child or student is desiring to be baptized, we strongly encourage you and your child to attend the Family Baptism Class which is a 2-part class that takes place June 2 and June 23rd. Please click on the link below to get more information and register.

Family Baptism Class

Are You Ready for Baptism?


Considering baptism? Check out this article to see if you’re ready for baptism.

ARe you ready for baptism?


Is baptism necessary for salvation?

No. Baptism is an outward expression or a symbol of the work of salvation that God has already done in you (Ephesians 2:8–9).

Why should I get baptized?

As Christians, we are to be baptized to follow Christ’s example (Mark 1:9), because Christ desires and commands it (Matthew 28:19–20) and because it displays to the world that you are a believer (Acts 18:8).

Why does Providence do water baptisms?

In baptism, the picture painted by the water in the visible, outward symbol is that of a “water grave” into which the believer is immersed, lowered as into the tomb. As they are then raised from the water, the image of resurrection to new life is portrayed in the minds of those who witness this act of faithfulness to the command of Christ (Colossians 2:12).



Can I be saved through baptism?

No. The act of baptism saves no one from sin. Our salvation depends entirely upon the grace of God in Jesus Christ. We can add nothing to that through baptism or any other deed we perform ourselves (Ephesians 2:8–9).

Can my child be baptized?

Yes. The key for children to be baptized (which is the same for adults) is that they know Jesus as their Savior and have trusted Him in faith for forgiveness of sins, strength to live by His word, and hope of eternal life.


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What if I have been baptized before but want to do it again as a re-commitment to God?

If you were baptized as an infant or at a time in your life where you knew you were not a follower of Jesus, then yes we will baptize you if you have since then come to faith in Jesus. However, if you were baptized as a believer in Jesus, and then had a season of walking away from Him and the church and by His grace have returned then we will not re-baptize you as a special way of re-committing to God.



Is baptism a requirement to become a member of Providence?

Yes. We believe it is encouraging to the body (and for you) for the church to hear and see your public expression of following Jesus. It also allows the body to get to know you as a follower of Jesus as we run the race of faith together.