Jacob and Lindsey Ingle, birth of son, March 16.

Nick and Anna Welch, birth of daughter, Claire Catherine, Jan. 11.

Noah and Meredith Linger, birth of son, Joseph, Jan. 3.

Kiale and Wes Trenholme-Pihl, birth of daughter, Josie Wells, Jan. 3.

Matthew and Emma Cash, birth of son, Jan. 2.


Steve Edwards, March 17

Scott Gravley’s mother, March 15

Wes Currin’s sister, March 5

Ron Bush’s father, February 9

Linda Peterson’s father, February 7

Dan & Cassie Reynold’s son, January 31

Audrey Estes’s Mother, January 19

Judy Midgett, January 3

Sherri Fergus’s Mother, January 3