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Fear Not – Part 2

Fear is such a powerful force. Fear can protect us by releasing a burst of energy to move us out of harm’s way. Fear can also paralyze us by blinding our eyes to God’s power and dissolving our confidence in His promises. This is the response God so often calls us to resist. He says,…


Investing Spring Break In London

“ I can respond by being faithful to a faithful God.” – Madison Priest A group of Providence college students chose instead to sacrifice their time, money, and comfort during NC State’s Spring Break in order to serve in London, England. While there, they were able to minister to church planters by caring for their…


The 7 – Part 4 Sermon Recap

Do you remember in preschool when you would arrive at the park to play and, without hesitation, you would run-up to a group of kids you had never met before and become friends? Do you remember in middle school arriving at the school dance only to stay huddled with the same three friends, or just…


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