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I Feel Alone: Cultivating Community While Raising Young Kids

How do you make friends while raising young kids? If you’re anything like me, it’s a lot harder than you probably thought. And friendship is the most important, but least talked about relationship in the church. I’m convinced that making and forming biblical friendships in your 30’s (or late 20’s or early 40’s) is harder,…


Kids in Big Church: Caution and Coaching for Kids and Communion

“Come on, little Johnny,” you hear the disgruntled and overwhelmed mom in the row above you during the worship service say, “It’s time to eat Jesus’ flesh and drink his blood. Go ahead now so we can go home!” Mom said what, now!? Jesus said what!? After all, isn’t that exactly what Jesus said for…


What All Kids Need

What ingredients do all kids need when it comes to their spiritual formation? Join our family discipleship team as we unpack and flesh out the third sermon in our Raising Kids sermon series by discussing the main points of the sermon and give personal and practical application along the way.


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