Yahweh Ra’ah: The Lord is My Shepherd

| Errica Stevens

“What does our Shepherd do? He protects the flock so prone to scatter.” Psalm 23...

Yahweh Sabaoth: The Lord of Hosts

| Catherine Barker

1 Samuel 17 David really had no business being on the battlefield, other than to...

Exodus 15:25b-16:36

| Tabatha Frost

Yahweh Shalom: The Lord Is Peace

| Sherri Callery

“May we continually fill our hearts with God’s word and worship Him for who He...

A Conquering God And A Remembering People

| Abby Fernandez

Yahweh Mekkodishkem: The Lord Who Sanctifies You

| Jodi Everist

“We find hope and joy in knowing that one day we will be just like...

It Looks Like Jesus

| Abby Fernandez