“But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.” Luke 5:16

Jesus made a habit of prayer. It was such a habit that it was noticed by others. I’m thankful this habit was instilled in me early and throughout my life. If it weren’t for such a habit, I think I would have missed a sweet reminder of how prayer is sometimes caught as much as taught.

While in a hotel in New York this past September, I went down alone to breakfast one morning. After gathering my food, I sat and bowed my head for a quick blessing and to ask for guidance for my day. Before I even raised my head or opened my eyes, I heard a little voice, loudly saying, “thank you for….” and “bless so and so.” I looked in the direction of this loud blessing and saw a little girl looking straight at me. Her mama was getting their food, but she had noticed me praying and decided to start her own. I smiled and she grinned back as she finished up her very loud prayer. We had shared a brief moment together at the throne of Jesus. I sent up another quick, but silent prayer, that the others in the room were as blessed as I was by this little child’s fearless joy in talking with Jesus.

As we begin this NewYear, make prayer such a habit that it goes with you wherever you go. You never know who may catch you praying and be emboldened to join you and bring their own prayer to Jesus.