| Shanna Moss

Let what you heard from the beginning abide in you. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, then you too will abide in the Son and in the Father. 1 John 2:24

Gathering with ladies from our LIFE group for a retreat in early March to study 1 John ministered to this extrovert. One word, which stood out when we dug into the text, was abide.  Being a word nerd, I love mulling over definitions and this is no exception.

Abide means to “accept or act in accordance with rule, recommendation, or decision,” “rest secure or dwell,” or “surrender or commit oneself to.”

How timely! Who, but our Sovereign Lord, knew how many opportunities we would have to abide in the coming weeks? Scriptural references to abiding in His love and sharing with those in need are what motivate me on a daily basis.


But…emergency surgery.

But…children in far away places.

But… (fill in the blank).

In lieu of being there in person, the definition of resting securely or dwelling has resonated.

What have we heard from the beginning?

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). Jesus, the Word, was there in the beginning. Because He is my Savior, I can rely on the promises in the Bible and can grow in understanding and trust by studying it.

“That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we looked upon and have touched with our hands, concerning the word of life— the life was made manifest, and we have seen it, and testify to it and proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and was made manifest to us— that which we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ” (1 John 1:1-3). 

Just as I have fellowship with God and His son, Jesus, my fellow believers also have this same fellowship. He is abiding with them.

Am I resting securely with my Creator and Savior? Am I trusting Him to abide with my loved ones and to move in the lives of those I care about?

It’s been 42 years since I trusted Christ and committed my life to follow Him. The more I study His living and active Word, the more I abide in the promises and knowledge of who He is and how I can rely on Him.

I can choose to act in accordance with those promises, dwelling in Him.

Have you surrendered to Christ and are you abiding in Him? If not, you can commit your life to the one who gave His life for you. Watch this video.

If you are a believer, what have you been learning from His Word as you have grown in reliance and understanding?