Jeremy and Anna's Story

Jeremy & Anna’s Story

| Jeremy & Anna Wallace

Jeremy’s addiction snuck up on him and eventually consumed him until he couldn’t hide it...

You Don’t Look Depressed

| Tricia Eshleman

I remember the first time I shared with a stranger about a big secret in...

Mercy After Abortion

| Brian Frost

On the 46th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, legislators in New York passed a law protecting a woman’s...

So Close, Yet So Far Away

| Brian Frost

Some people are irreligious; others are religious. Some people run far away in rebellion; others stay close to home in religion, but everyone is far from God.

Fighting Passivity

| Bryan Nelson

Our hope for conquering passivity rests firmly in Jesus’ power to do so, and in our life being hidden in Him.

The Gospel for Sex(ual Sin)

| Thomas West

How can we think about the issue of sex and how does the gospel specifically address the issue of sexual sin?

The Gospel For Marriage

| Thomas West

Marriage is a gift that God graciously gives to His people. Here we want to...

Recognizing Mercy in the Face of Justice

| Brian Frost

Our church’s Bible reading plan has led us through pages where we find God commanding the...

Loving The Different

| Brian Frost

This article summarizes a few truths from our sermon series, Building Blocks of the Family...

Matthew Tyler’s Story & Spoken Word

| Matthew Tyler Daniels

Matthew’s life started in pieces and only grew more broken over his youth until he...

From the Womb to the Tomb

| Brian Frost

This January marks the 45th anniversary of the infamous Roe V. Wade decision by the...

Dying To Racial Indifference

| Brian Frost

My Experience Growing up in California, my earliest memories of elementary school buddies include Sean...