Acts Forum Videos

Mental Illness & The Gospel

| Brad Hambrick

How does a Christian worldview process mental illness? Is it okay to take medicine for...

Gender & The Gospel

| Dr. Farr Curlin

How does the church respond to the rapidly changing view of gender in our culture?...

Race & The Gospel

| Dr. Walter Strickland

As our culture grows more unstable around race relations, how does the church respond? Dr. Strickland walks...

Faith & Politics

| Dr. Bruce Ashford

How can we keep our witness as Christians in a hyper-political culture?

The Doctrine of Hell. Is it Real?

| J.D. Greear

What is the doctrine of hell? J.D. Greear from The Summit Church in Durham, NC...

An Unlikely Convert

| Rosaria Butterfield

Why would a radical feminist become a committed Christian? Rosaria Butterfield shares her story that...

The Last Days

| Dr. Andy Davis

With many different views of what will happen in last days on earth, what can...

The Doctrine of the Trinity

| Bruce Ware

What is the trinity and how does it affect our lives as Christians?

The Validity of the New Testament

| Dr. Daniel Wallace

Can the New Testament be trusted or should we be skeptical of its accuracy?

Personal Evangelism – How to Engage One Person at a Time

| Dr. John Lennox

Jesus calls us to share the gospel with the world, but we have to remember...