College Podcast

Have You Heard?

| Gary Fike

The Spirit of God wants to transform people from their old way of living into...

…But God Raised Him

| Thomas West

All of history is ruled by God. Since God is the king of everything, he...

Everyday People Extraordinary God

| Daniel Moore

What happens when the message of Jesus first encounters a massive, urban, multicultural city? The...

The Kingdom And The Arts

| Daniel Moore

What does it mean to think Christianly about the arts?

Four Marks Of A Christian

| Thomas West

Four key things that mark the lives of people who follow Jesus. It's not an exhaustive list, but it's helpful to see...

Spirit-Empowered Community

| Thomas West

This community, the church, is empowered by God himself through the Holy Spirit to embody four key truths: devotion...

The Coming Of The Spirit

| Daniel Moore

Jesus' promise to empower his people to continue his mission to rescue the world becomes a reality.

Jesus Promises The Spirit

| Daniel Moore

PCM is going through the book of Acts to discover who God the Holy Spirit is and how he operates in our lives and...

Connected: An Introduction

| Thomas West

Jesus said that he was like a vine, and his followers were like branches, connected to the vine as their very source...

From Death to Life

| Thomas West

The resurrection of Jesus is the climactic event of all of history.

The Question :: Mark 8:27-38

| Thomas West

"Who do you say that I am?" This simple question posed by Jesus has major implications for our lives and...

The Beginning :: Mark 1:1-14

| Thomas West

How did Jesus got his start and how does that matters for the highs and...