The Lambeth's

The Lambeth’s Family Story

| Kevin & Bethany Lambeth

With the life of their twin boys at stake, God surrounded the Lambeth’s with peace...

Courtney Healy's Story

Courtney’s Story

| Courtney Healy

All it took was for one person to say, “Just come and see,” for Courtney’s...

Jeremy and Anna's Story

Jeremy & Anna’s Story

| Jeremy & Anna Wallace

Jeremy’s addiction snuck up on him and eventually consumed him until he couldn’t hide it...

You Don’t Look Depressed

| Tricia Eshleman

I remember the first time I shared with a stranger about a big secret in...

Jessica's Battle With Postpartum

Jessica’s Battle With Postpartum Depression

| Jessica Theiss

Jessica’s family didn’t have a history of mental illness and she already had one child,...

Matthew Tyler’s Story & Spoken Word

| Matthew Tyler Daniels

Matthew’s life started in pieces and only grew more broken over his youth until he...

Emily Rhyder's Story

Emily Rhyder’s Story

| Emily Rhyder

Emily grew up in a Christian home but never knew Jesus as Savior. When she got...

2017 Outdoor Baptism Highlights

| Providence

A Three Circles Chalk Talk

| Bryan Mull

Our team spent a week in a community just outside of Boston running a sports...

Pinder Family

The Pinder Family

| The Pinder Family

The Pinder family attended Providence off and on for years. After several years, they were...

Amanda's Story

Amanda’s Story and Baptism

| Amanda

Amanda fought loneliness her entire life, from marrying a Muslim to having a son, nothing seemed...

2016 Outdoor Baptism Highlights

| Providence