Hurricane season on the east coast lasts between June 1 and November 30. Within that time frame, many prepare, watch, and brace themselves for havoc-reeking storms; they feel helpless to the uncontrollable power of the winds, rain, and lightning. Hurricanes make us feel panicked and scared in the midst of chaos, and they are a tangible picture of other storms that brew in our lives that cause the same feelings. Where can we find peace? The answer is always Jesus.

Even before the storm, Jesus rules the calm. Leading up to the storm they encountered on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus had had a busy day. Between fending off worried siblings, teaching large crowds, and healing the sick, Jesus’ sovereign hand never lifted. Every aspect of this day, Jesus employed for His benefit. Jesus led His disciples into the storm for a purpose; some things about God can only be learned when enduring through a storm. Jesus knows this and orchestrates everything in our lives so that we may grow to know and love Him more.

“Sometimes we are in a storm because of disobedience and other times because of obedience.” – Brian Frost

When we are in the midst of the storms of life, still Jesus’ hand never lifts off of us. He rules over the storms. Many times we raise our heads to God and ask, “Don’t you care? Don’t you care that I am suffering? Don’t you care about my marriage, kids, job, bills,etc.?” The disciples did just this. But, when they went to find Jesus, He was asleep. The only time recorded in the New Testament of Jesus sleeping was in a boat during a massive storm. While He was weary from the day, this was designed as a lesson of faith. Christ is in control even during moments of chaos; thus, we do not need to worry, doubt, or fear.

After raising His hands, speaking commands to creation, and calming the storm, Jesus turned to the disciples and asked, “Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?” After all the disciples had seen and experienced with Jesus, they still feared the one thing they knew He had made. They knew that the man who created the wind and water could control the wind and water; that man was Jesus. Their fear then shifted from the dangers of the storm, to the fear of God. Jesus did not rebuke this fear, for it was no longer misplaced.

“What’s more frightening than a storm outside your boat? Having God in your boat when you’re not right with Him.” – Brian Frost

This record stands as a physical reminder of the same faithfulness Jesus provides to those who believe in Him. We are loved by the very same Creator of the wind and water, and we can trust that His sovereign hand is laid upon each of our lives. We can know with resolution that our same Jesus provides peace for us through His sovereignty before, during, and after the storms of life. We need not fear.



  1. Jesus rules the calm before the storm. (Mark 4:35-36) 

    1. Luke 8:23 — There was no storm when they started, but a nice breeze. And Jesus fell asleep.

  2. Jesus rules the calm during the storm. (Mark 4:37-38) 

    1. Matthew 8:24 — The storm is described as a seismic mega storm! A hurricane, in Mark, and an earthquake, in Matthew.

    2. Psalm 44:23 — God, don’t you care?

  3. Jesus rules the storm after the calm. (Matthew 4:39-41)

    1. Colossians 1:16-17 — Whoever has the power to create wind and water has the power to control wind and water. In Jesus, all things hold together. The Creator and the Sustainer.

    2. Psalm 107:29 — What’s more frightening than a storm outside your boat? Having God in your boat when you’re not right with Him.



  • Who do you believe is going to determine your destiny? 

  • Have you trusted Christ as your Savior? As the one who controls the storms of your life? (Isaiah 8:13-14; Acts 4:11-12)

  • Do you trust Christ as the Sovereign One? (Acts 4:19-20)

  • Do you trust Christ as a friend? (John 16:33)



We are in a storm. This virus is a swirling hurricane covering what feels like most of the earth. We can’t escape it. A lot of time it can feel we are just bracing, waiting for the impact to hit. But we can unbrace our tightened souls, relax our worried minds and hearts, and trust that Christ is sovereign over this storm. His hand rests upon the virus, it is not surprising to Him. Our good God has his grip on our lives, and so we are to rest in His faithfulness to us. 


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