In the Beginning

| Kristen Sorrell

“And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” – Genesis 1:3

If you’ve spent much time in church at all, you have the first verse of the Bible down pat. In the beginning, before anything but God Himself existed, God chose to create the heavens and the earth. (Please, let’s pause to acknowledge that the first reference to the Trinity is also in verse one of Scripture; the original language uses Elohim, which is plural, for God. We get it, God! We won’t miss it!)

The first thing created was light. We often gloss over a powerful statement in verse three. We typically focus on the fact that He merely spoke it into existence, but note the simple words, “and there was…” A void expanse, now full of light. Light, which we now know, takes thousands of years to travel through space from its origin, was hung, fully functioning in the sky.

“And there was.”

A peaceful finality lives in this statement. God spoke, it happened, the end – it’s done. So. Simple. And yet so profoundly astonishing at the same time!

“And there was.”

No-fuss; no tweaking His work; no changes necessary. It was good. It was perfect. It was. What was formerly never in existence now stretched across the heavens, illuminating what was to come.

And a few days later, God created the sun and the moon, which were to rule the day and the night. Light came first, by several days! The rulers of said light came later. Really, God is the ruler of them all, as a creator does have undeniable Creator rights.

As Peter says, thousands of years later, God is our Faithful Creator. Don’t ever get over that. The creator of light, water, the sun, and the moon, also created you. And He is faithful to redeem His creation through His Son Jesus Christ. Praise His Holy Name!