“ I can respond by being faithful to a faithful God.” – Madison Priest

A group of Providence college students chose instead to sacrifice their time, money, and comfort during NC State’s Spring Break in order to serve in London, England. While there, they were able to minister to church planters by caring for their kids, getting to know their growing congregations, and learning the culture of their neighborhood, Queen’s Park, and the city.

For Madison Priest, hearing of the history of Christianity in London was really powerful:

“It was quite amazing to experience this history, but it was more encouraging to meet the church planters of Redeemer’s Church. Interestingly enough, the church planters had something in common with Paul and William Wilberforce. All of these people, past and present, exercised complete faith in Jesus Christ. None of these people had a vision to go and change the world. They were keenly aware that there is no need to change the world because Jesus already did that. We can cling to the hope that the Lord was faithful in the time of Nehemiah; He was faithful during the time of the slave trade with Wilberforce; He was (and is) faithful to the Wests and Evans and the team of church planters currently in London.”

Rachel Hulicki was surprised to see how God comforted her in a unique way on this trip:

It can be difficult to hear God’s voice as it requires a lot of trust, obedience and discernment. I am currently a junior at NC State studying to be an elementary school teacher. My future after graduation is uncertain, as it is for most college students. This week, God showed me that His future plans for me are more perfect than I could even imagine. I am excited for the unknown that my future holds because God planned it all out and it is perfect in His eyes.“

London Team March 2020

This group of college students, who chose a Spring Break of service over comfort, embarked to London to serve the needs of the church planters there. But, in His kindness, God revealed Himself in precious, intentional ways to each student, growing them, sharpening them, and sanctifying them. If asked why it’s even important at all to go on trips such as this one, Rachel’s response holds the answer:

“I don’t know where God is calling me to go, but I do know that He is trustworthy, faithful, and loving through it all.” – Rachel Hulicki