Man, for such a predictable world to live in, life sure is unpredictable. From the sunset, the tides, seasons, math, physics, etc., all creation bows before God saying, “As you wish,” till we get to man who says, “No.” Sin separates, causes chaos. It drops us in the middle of a maze of endless trenches in a search to find hope. In Ecclesiastes, we find the truth that our only hope lies beyond the trenches in Jesus Christ. In chapter ten, Solomon shows five benefits of wisdom in the trenches.

  1. Wisdom protects our honor. Everyone wants to be remembered honorably, yet we have the ability to dishonor our name so quickly. A little of the wrong thing outweighs a lot of the right, and an hour of folly can spoil a year of honor. A heart ruled by wisdom leans to strong foundations. God urges us first to run to Christ, then presses us to expand our love for what is right.

  1. Wisdom produces endurance. How many regrets fill our hearts for failing to finish? Anger in the trench tempts us to quit. Life is backwards! Sin is exalted as courageous. Truth is condemned as arrogant. Socialites become celebrities. Social workers live in obscurity. Teachers get thousands. Actors get millions. When life tempts you to flee, we are to look to God and stand at our post until He tells us to move.

  1. Wisdom helps us succeed. Our strength is simply not enough. While strength digs the pit, wisdom keeps us from falling into it. Strength without wisdom is just strong folly! Living with wisdom in mind means living with a Kingdom-mindset. Success is found in living for the Kingdom.

  2. Wisdom forms life-giving words. There are people everywhere lost in the trenches, wondering how to get home. The fool, who is utterly lost, continues to give direction on how to get home, but the words of the wise win him favor. Those who fear God enough to look to His Son are given the good news to help others get to the city of God!

    “As believers, we have God’s Word and can speak into life, but God forbid that our greatest vocal legacy these days be about lesser things (masks, politics) when we know the way to the city!”

  3. Wisdom distinguishes leadership. Good leaders are a gift in the trench. Not only do foolish leaders let their roof sink out of laziness, their only answer for difficulty is to eat, drink, and spend money they don’t have. We don’t have to like our authorities to obey God. Our leader and King, whose last words in the Bible were, “Surely I am coming soon,” will lead us forever!



  1. Wisdom protects our honor.

    1. Proverbs 2:6 — Knowledge, to know the facts. Understanding, to comprehend the facts you know. And Wisdom, to apply the knowledge and understanding.

    2. Psalm 16:8 — Being on the right side is being on the dominant, strong side; the side we lean on.

    3. Matthew 7:24 — When we build on sand, our crash is predictable!

    4. Proverbs 25:28 — God warns us against no self-control and folly.

    5. Proverbs 18:10 — Run to Christ.

  2. Wisdom produces endurance.

    1. Psalm 37:3 — Look to Jesus, and wait for wisdom’s triumph.

  3. Wisdom helps us succeed.

  4. Wisdom forms life-giving words.

    1. Proverbs 9:10 — Those who fear God enough to look to His Son are given the good news to help others get to the city of God.

  5. Wisdom distinguishes leadership.



  • Are you pursuing self-control in your life?

  • Are you standing by your post until God tells you otherwise?

  • Are you trusting God and applying what we know is true?

  • Do you think the gospel will be the legacy of your mouth?

  • How can we respect our authorities while trusting in Christ?



Jesus was the true and better Solomon. Solomon could inform. Jesus could save. There are so many souls who have know idea that they are feeling their way through the trenches, blind and hopeless. As believers, we have God’s Word and can speak into life. Let us do so with boldness, confidence, and urgency!


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