This world can feel so calculated. Risk management has become a daily part of our lives. Should I take this job? Should I move to this city? Should I ask that guy/girl out on a date? Should I save this much money? Should I have that book published? We don’t want to do anything that would risk our security or comfort, and oftentimes, this diminishes or deteriorates our dreams and pursuits. Since life has shipwrecks, pirates, and delays, be wise enough to diversify, and hopeful enough to risk. What has God put on your heart to pursue? Why run now?

Life is unpredictable. Risk is part of life. Sometimes the rain falls on you, other times it doesn’t. Sometimes the tree falls south, other times north. If you’re waiting for the perfect set-up, when the wind and sky look only favorable, when no tree could fall and block your path, you’ll never sow a seed or reap a dream. Quit making lame excuses for not doing what God told you to do, or put on your heart to do. Ask the girl/guy out. Submit the application. Begin the process. If the boat returns with profit, thank God. If it sinks, trust God.

Life is mysterious. Some of us want to know everything before we try anything. Will she say yes? Forgive? Will it get published? Just as we don’t know how God weaves a spirit into a baby in the womb, we don’t know what will happen to grain sent for trade. Plant many seeds, for you know not which will sprout. God’s sovereignty is to be our comfort, not excuse. God didn’t tell us He is sovereign so we would lean on a shovel while praying for a hole.

Life is brief. We’re all given a predetermined number of minutes. The clock is ticking! Some days the sunlight feels like hope. Rested. Good hair day. Jeans fit. Anxiety is low. Back isn’t stiff. Kids are agreeable. Other days, it doesn’t, and mortality feels more real. Enjoy the light while you can. Enjoy youth, but don’t forget God, for after death is judgment. Deal with the junk that vexes you now (guilt, debt), so it won’t rule the rest of your life. Care for your body. Those knees are the only real ones you get. Don’t leave God out of your life now. Today affects tomorrow, and an inconceivable day is coming!



  1. Life is unpredictable. (Ecclesiastes 11:3-4)

  2. Life is mysterious. (Ecclesiastes 11:5-6)

  3. Life is brief. (Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:8)

    1. James 4:14 — Run while you can.



  • Are you trusting God by dreaming, risking, and running?

  • Do you allow the mission of God to direct your dreams?

  • Are you seeking God’s face while dreaming, risking, and running?



Even the mission of glorifying Christ will feel empty without a relationship with Him. The gospel is central to any and every dream we will ever have or do have. All glory to Christ!


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