In our minds, it is easy to think back to something or someone that brought us pure joy. Whether it’s a certain vacation, Christmas morning, getting married, having a baby, finding success, etc., for a time, these things bring happiness, fulfillment, and contentment to our hearts. But, the feeling is always fleeting. It never sticks. Solomon, who was granted every luxury this world can provide, was left unsatisfied; he desired contentment but everything he turned to left him empty. Solomon comes to the resolution that we were indeed made to find contentment, to be satisfied, but we were made to find these things specifically in Christ.

Life “under the sun,” life apart from God, is full of discontentment. Under the sun, all there is to life is all there is to life. The things we find in this world are fleeting in their existence and the satisfaction they supply. Presents never fully take the place of presence. They are a bad substitute for the affection, attention, and time of the giver. 

Discontentment rules our hearts when: 

  • We seek fulfillment from the things of this world. 

  • We envy what others have through sinful comparison. 

  • We aren’t satisfied with the good gift God has already given us. 

  • We want more than what we have. 

We live in a broken world that is going to mare our hearts in a way that causes us to have discontentment. We seek and desire the wrong treasure.

True, lasting contentment, however, comes from trusting in God. God can both provide and direct our lives. We won’t trust Him if we don’t believe that He is good, and yet the truth of the Scriptures tells us that everything good comes from His hands.

Trust that leads to contentment: 

  • Believes God is sovereign. 

  • Believes that God is wise, and that He knows better than us how to live our lives. 

  • Believes that God is ultimately good.

Someone had to step into this broken world under the sun and redeem it from its curse. Only Jesus can change the rhythm of life under the sun. Jesus is the one in whom we find restoration, and restoration with the Father is where true contentment resides. The answer isn’t found in stuff, the answer is found in the Savior.


True, lasting contentment is only found through God and in Him.

  1. Discontentment accompanies life “under the sun” (v1-9)

    • Discontentment finds us when:

      • We seek fulfillment from the things of this world (v2)

      • We envy what others have (v2)

      • We aren’t satisfied with what we have (v3-6)

      • We want more (v7-9)

  1. Contentment comes from trusting in God (10-12)

    • Trust that leads to contentment:

      • Believes God is Sovereign – He is in control (10)

      • Believes God is Wise (11)

      • Believes God is Good (12)


  • Have you confessed and repented of envy, greed, and misplaced desires?

  • Have you trusted Christ?

  • Do you see Him as most satisfying?

  • Are you battling discontentment in your life with gratitude for all you have been given?


God, in His kindness, wants us to experience joy on this Earth. He desires for His children to be happy and full of love. However, those things can only be felt to their fullest and enjoyed the most when we believe that it is all rooted in Him. All our joys stem from what Christ endured on the cross for us!


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