Most of us feel like the flag in a game of tug of war. Every issue. Every social cause. Every injustice. Every COVID update. Every election. Some pull left; others pull right. We’re left to discern under immense pressure what is true, what is right, and how to respond. When a person is wise, there is peace and poise that can be seen visibly on their face. Many faces don’t look poised these days. Wisdom is powerful enough to even change our face, and Solomon wants to show us in Ecclesiastes 8 how wisdom produces poise under three difficult situations.

Wisdom produces poise even while under authority. Being under authority is hard, yet it’s part of God’s economy. Parents, teachers, governors, etc. are all a part of God’s design for this world. God is in this, but when an authority requires that we sin, God’s provision is civil disobedience. Choose a group wisely, lest you be standing among fools for evil. Most mobs, whether in the streets or on our Facebook pages, have a peewee grasp of truth, a junior varsity grasp of culture, and a pro-level grasp of pride. When trouble lies heavy, unless obedience to man is direct disobedience to God, yield and look for a proper time and just way to bring change. Don’t sin to make things right! Know whose you are. Do right and let wisdom give poise.

Wisdom produces poise even during injustices. We’ve all seen good visit the bad, and bad visit the good. It just seems unfair when good things happen to bad people, and horrible things happen to good people. But, what we do know for certain is that justice is coming, and the death of man is proof of it! God’s justice may be delayed as He waits for us to repent, but it will not be denied.

Wisdom produces poise even during uncertainty. Many of us struggle to enjoy blessing when we are perplexed. Uncertainty has, at times, crushed even our desire to eat and laugh and enjoy time with our families. Wisdom produces poise allowing us to enjoy blessings before they pass. As we enjoy, don’t mistake the gift with the giver. The greatest gift of all is knowing, loving, and following Christ. He makes life worth living! 



  1. Wisdom produces poise while under authority. (Ecclesiastes 8:2-9) 

    1. Romans 13:1 — God is involved in this issue of authority. God is not separated from this, He is in this.

    2. Daniel 3 — Civil Disobedience. 

    3. 1 Samuel 24:10 — Don’t sin to make something right.

    4. 1 Peter 2:13, 17— We yield to authority for the Lord’s honor.

  2. Wisdom produces poise during injustice. (Ecclesiastes 8:10-14) 

    1. Matthew 25:31 — God’s justice may be delayed as He waits for us to repent, but it will not be denied.

    2. John 3:16 — This is what it means to fear the Lord. This is ultimate wisdom.

  3. Wisdom produces poise during uncertainty. (Ecclesiastes 8:15-17) 



  • Do you trust God by respecting your authorities? 

  • Do you live in the fear of God? Have you run to Christ? 

  • Do you trust Christ and enjoy His blessings in your life?



“Our Heavenly Father has provided many delightful inns for us along our journey, but he takes great care to see that we do not mistake any of them for home.” – CS. Lewis. 

Our God is a good God, a just God, and a saving God. Fearing Him doesn’t mean running away from Him, but rather, running to Him knowing that He is the answer. By providing us with blessings in this life, He intends for us to see His character in them and trust Him more. 


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