Life can be really hard, and its difficulties touch each one of us in different ways. Between a seemingly endless pandemic, racial tension, political turmoil, and economic strain, most have been plagued with fear, guilt, shame, anxiety, grief, depression, pain, addiction, etc. Overwhelmed describes the feeling of being buried underneath a heavy weight, and the book of Psalms proves that we are not the only generation who have felt this way. God has a word of hope for us. Will we listen? 


Help! I’m Afraid — January 31 

Fear is real. Fear has effects. Fear tempts us to imagine the unimaginable, a series of worst-case scenarios, seemingly resistant to grace. Fear only yields in the presence of a stronger presence and by remembering God’s nearness, His character and authority are quickly interjected into our hearts and fears subsides. As we trust Jesus, cease our striving, and be still before Him, God becomes a refuge of peace and courage. 

Text: Psalm 46 


Help! I’m Forsaken — February 7 

We feel abandoned when the pain from wondering how God can stand idly by when we are in distress seems insurmountable. This pain should signal a need to cry out to God, which leads us to recall how Christ was utterly forsaken so that we could be saved. This praise then fortifies us with faith to face our problems no matter the magnitude. 

Text: Psalm 22 


Help! I’m Anxious — February 14 

God’s omnipresence means He intimately peers into our hearts and finds the waves of anxious thoughts that unsteady our hearts and minds. In this world, the causes of angst are numerous, but God is the all-knowing, all-present Creator who rules all things. Our hearts can be fortified in the face of anxious circumstances by considering what we pour into our minds. 

Text: Psalm 139


Help! I’m Guilty — February 21 

We all sin, and therefore, we all feel guilt. The only way to find relief is through repentance, turning away from our recognized sin and pursuing God. We must own our transgression, iniquity, and sin, and directionally change our life from sin to God. The gospel alone can blot out, wash, cleanse, recreate, renew, and restore the joy of salvation. God’s love, seen in the gospel, lifts us from our guilt and opens our mouth to declare His praise. 

Text: Psalm 51

Help! I’m in Despair — February 28 

We are all familiar with despair, when hope is swallowed by pain and loss. It extinguishes our zeal and leads us to conclude that we should sin, sittle, or even self-harm to find relief from pain. Christ alone, through His word alone, can bring light into a heart full of despair. 

Text: Psalm 23


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