The Oxford dictionary defines an imperative as, “an essential or urgent thing.” Paul gives us five of these imperatives in the final verses of his letter to Jude that tells us, the Church, how we can guard our hearts in light of the danger from false teachers. 

We are to remember the warnings given to us by Jesus Christ. He warned the apostles, and the apostles warned the Church of these people who deny and distort the Word of God. Lostness is revealed in false teachers’ words, deeds, and the effect of their ministry; this causes division, or two visions, of the truths found in scripture. Ideas are like seeds planted in our hearts with a corresponding harvest, and so, we are called to guard the soil of our own mind and heart.

We are to keep ourselves in His love for us. When using a showerhead, unless we stand under where the water is falling, we won’t feel it’s warmth or cleansing power; we won’t feel or reap any of its benefits. Unless we stand under God’s love, we won’t feel it’s benefits. We ought to build our life or position ourselves, under the falling of God’s love. If we do not keep ourselves in the love of God, there will be effects in our relationship with Him. Loneliness, apathy, rebellion.

We are called to contend not only for ourselves but for one another. 

“Man is not perfect, so he will be imperfect in faith.”  – C.H. Spurgeon

We contend because life is hard, and we contend because we are not alone. Our doubt is sin that doesn’t call for us to be abandoned by the people of God, but to be surrounded and shown mercy by the people of God. We remember we have been shown the greatest of mercies, so we can have mercy on those who doubt or waiver. When we cannot see the hand of God, we need to be shown the heart of God.



  1. God commands us to remember the warnings of Jesus Christ. (Jude 1:17-19) 

    • Matthew 24:11; 2 Peter 2:1 — Christ warned the apostles, and the apostles warned the church of risky people who deny and distort. 

    • Romans 8:9 — Lossness is revealed in the false teachers’ deeds, words, and the effect of their ministry (causes divisions). 

    • Acts 17:11 — Let’s be like the Bereans! 

  2. God commands us to keep ourselves in His love. (Jude 1:20-21) 

    • John 15:9 — we are to abide in His love; we are to keep ourselves or position ourselves, under the falling of God’s love. 

    • 2 Peter 1:3-9 — If we don’t keep ourselves in His love, there will be major consequences to our relationship with Him; even if His love never stops falling. 

    • Acts 20:32 — If the roots of our life remain small and fragile, then our chance of toppling over grows. 

  3. God commands us to contend for one another. (Jude 1:22-25) 

    • “Man is not perfect, so he will be imperfect in faith.” – C.H. Spurgeon 

    • Romans 14:23 — Doubt is sin. It calls for empathetic believers to surround, comfort, and provide clarity in their doubt. Take them to the cross. 



  1. Are you heeding the warnings of Christ and the apostles? 

  2. Are you building yourself up in God’s word? 

  3. Are you praying in the Spirit? 

  4. Are you waiting expectantly for Christ? 

  5. Have you trusted Christ and been saved? 

  6. Do you care for people enough to engage them? 



One day, Jesus will return with mercy in His hands, and we will see mercy personified in the Eastern skyline in order to give it to those who trust Christ. This regular thought turns our waiting from passive waiting to active waiting. Matthew 25 parables 10 virgins waiting for their bridegroom. They each take a lamp, but only half are wise enough to take oil with them as well. They knew to be prepared, they were active in their waiting. The other five fell asleep, so when the bridegroom appeared, they had to go and buy oil while the other joined the marriage feast. Upon returning and asking to enter, the bridegroom said, “Truly, I say to you, I do not know you.” They were passive in their waiting, and the consequences were grave. We are called to be active waiters of Christ’s return; waiters whose behavior is always reflective of an expectant attitude. We are called to continue in sanctification based on the assurance of Christ’s return and the hope of eternity with Christ at the great marriage feast. 


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