“The strongholds of our life have already been broken down through Christ’s death, but it takes us applying His death to realize it.” – Dr. Eric Mason

Dr. Eric Mason, keynote speaker of the Unstuck Men’s Conference and senior pastor o Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA) broke down what it means for men of God to tackle and break down the strongholds in their life. He challenged over 350 men in attendance to not simply feed the symptom but heal at the source; instead of repenting of surface-level sins, it takes digging into the darkness of our past in order to deal with the strongholds at their source. 

“Repentance will change your life. But keeping a stronghold in it will just readjust your life instead of dealing/repenting of it. Functional dysfunctionalism.” – Dr. Eric Mason

Men's Conference Photo

Mason encouraged the men that a life of breaking strongholds is a lifetime of uprooting. But, a mighty man of valor comes before the lord of hosts and asks for help. It is only through Christ’s power that we are even able to recognize our strongholds, let alone break them down. We need Christ. 

The men continue to hash out these fundamental, gospel ideas in their break out sessions through Saturday. Pastor Brian Frost capped off the weekend with reminders from Ephesians about the importance of being daily renewed in the gospel.

“The glory of Jesus Christ, the joy and the peace that has already been give to us in Jesus Christ, the remembrance of your name whether sweet or sour, is all at risk if we do not cap the lines and fill the erosion with the concrete of the gospel.” – Brian Frost

He went on to emphasize the crucial role community plays in manly sanctification. Isolation can deteriorate and destroy, but community brings life, support, and togetherness. 

“We all need men in our corner who can speak God’s word and help cast a picture when our imagination is stuck in gear. We need men in our life when we are on the verge of moral collapse, unwise financial decision, making a mess of our children’s lives, when we’re not believing, vividly imagining other ways of living; we need men to be the imagination for us, to cast a picture for us, to say let me describe a kind of life Jesus has for us that is better, richer, and fuller than the life that we are pursuing.” – Brian Frost

Will you commit to praying this week for the men who attended our Unstuck Conference this year? 

Pray that they would continue to think about what they heard and discussed.

Pray that they apply practical steps in their lives.

Pray that they would return to their families, jobs, lives, etc. as men who are committed to breaking the strongholds of sin and drawing closer to God.


Watch each session from the weekend below.