There are many creative ways to invite your family, friends, and neighbors to watch Easter At Providence, even when services are only available online. Below are a few options to consider. Use these options or come up with your own creative ways to reach others. Even a simple invite over the phone, through a text, or through an email can make a difference.

Share The Easter Facebook Event

By personally sharing the Easter At Providence Facebook event, you are potentially reaching thousands. It costs nothing and takes less than two minutes to do. Just click here, then select SHARE. You’ll have the option to share the event with specific friends or as a post on your timeline. If you share the post on your timeline, be sure to include a quick and personal invite with the post.

Create A Facebook Live Watch Party

When the Providence services go live on Facebook this Sunday, you can start your own Watch Party. Go to the Providence Facebook page, and wait for the service to go live (9:30 & 11 AM). Once the service starts, you’ll have the option to create a Watch Party. Your friends will receive an invitation to join you in watching the services. Use this as an opportunity to interact and chat with friends and family from across the country and world!

​Share Your Testimony On Social Media

More than ever, people are searching for hope. During this unique season, let’s share the hope we have in Jesus. Find details on how you can participate in this article from The Gospel Coalition.