No matter who you are and what experiences you bring to the table, we can all agree life is full of challenges. Often times those challenges seem overwhelming and a path forward isn’t clear. Whatever it is that may be before you, we believe there is hope, healing, and health available through the gospel.

Practical Needs

When times are hard a single item can provide relief. When God’s people come together to help each other, our God is glorified and people are ministered to. From financial assistance, physical resources, light maintenance, and other general support, Providence offers several ministries or can point you to other ministries to assist you in your of need.

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Providence has a pastoral staff that is available to meet with you to provide biblical guidance, prayer, and assistance as you face life’s challenges. You are not alone. Please contact the Care Ministry if you are in need of pastoral care. Providence also maintains a list of area counselors that we will gladly make available should that be requested or desired. For more information or to make an appointment with the Care Pastor, contact Pam at [email protected] or at 919.326-3000.

Care Groups

Most of us have times in our lives when we face issues for which we need help and support. Care Groups are safe, Christ-centered environments where you can meet with others to learn and apply practical principles from God’s Word, find hope and help overcome difficult issues in your life.

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Find resources to help you think through specific topics from a Biblical perspective.

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The Gospel for Sex(ual Sin)

How can we think about the issue of sex and how does the gospel specifically address the issue of sexual sin?


The Two “C’s” Of Pornography

Pornography may be one of the most dangerous things in the world facing the modern church. While it is enjoyed in private by a shocking number of people, it is not a struggle for a disturbed few. It is a challenge for people globally, and many church-going Christians are especially stuck in the crushing grip…


A Biblical View of Financial Debt

When a church proposes the possibility of incurring debt we examine what the Bible says about borrowing money. Below are six questions and answers that will help guide your thinking about what the Bible has to say about this important topic. Question 1: What is a church? A church is a collection of redeemed Christians,…


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Pastor of Family Care
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Director of Care Ministries
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Ministry Assistant (Care)
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