Discover the road to healing and help from the pain of separation or divorce. Sessions address concerns such as depression, loneliness, and anger, financial issues, and children. For more information, contact Pam at [email protected] or at 919-326-3000.

FALL 2019



The pain from the loss of a family member or friend can be hard for others to understand. Get real help for deep hurt in this grief recovery support group. For more information, contact Pam at [email protected] or at 919-326-3000.

FALL 2019

Living Waters

Living Waters is a Christ-centered discipleship course and prayer ministry for men and women across the Triangle: single and married, all ages 18 and over, and for addressing all relational or sexual issues.

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Faithful & True (Men Only)

Learn how to overcome addictive patterns of sexual temptation and practice sexual purity in today’s society using biblically-based principles. For more information, contact Bryan at [email protected] or at 919-326-3000.

Outside Groups

Looking for a group that’s not listed? Additional groups available outside of Providence are available. Click below to find additional groups or reach out to Pam at [email protected] for help in finding the best group for you.

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