Why We Dedicated Our Kids — Matt & Kelsey Roper

As Christian parents, our first biggest responsibility beyond ourselves is to raise our children to understand what it means to become a Christian and then to raise them with Biblical instruction. We want our three boys to be Godly men who are able to have the same joy of dedicating their own children to the Lord one day. We understand this is a big responsibility, and it truly does take a village. We are thankful to have our family and Providence come alongside us to partner together.
The Child Dedication Class was a great opportunity for us to take a step back and think about the bigger Biblical picture of our roles as parents and the ripple effect we can have on future generations. We had a couple of good takeaways that resonated with us. As excited as we are for our kids to become Christians it’s not a race, and once they become Christians that’s not the end but rather the beginning of their journey. Lastly, a hard pill to swallow was acknowledging that our kids are gifts from God that are going to be returned to the Lord one day, with the realization that God has given them to us on loan.


If you’re curious about Child Dedication, what it is, why we do it, how we do it, we’d love to chat with you and your family. You can learn more at pray.org/kids, or reach out to us at pray.org/contact.