Christmas Eve in Raleigh


What To Expect

Come… slow down… find hope and joy in the greatest love story of history.  Enjoy traditional readings, vocalists, a strings ensemble, and candlelight as we immerse ourselves in the Christmas story.  Activities and treats for families and kids will be provided both in the service and after.  Don’t miss this opportunity to make “Christmas Eve in Raleigh” a cherished tradition for your family and friends.



11AM | 1PM | 3PM | 5PM | 7PM

All seats are reserved. We look forward to seeing many of you! All services will be available to stream online.

To change your reservation, or if you have any questions, reach out to Lindsey at [email protected]

Christmas Eve is a time for family. We encourage you to bring families of all ages to the service, and enjoy kid friendly fun, and refreshments after!

Current Series

November 26 — December 24

Hope For The World


Hope is vital to life. Hope is the fuel that imagines something good happening when it doesn’t seem to be happening, while the challenges of life keep happening. It is hope that moves us to chase new strategies by day, and then rest and trust at night. It is hope that patiently waits through seasons of pain, temptation, and delay. Hope is kept alive by the promise of a better day to come. 

We all have a need for stability, a steady source of light, protection from threat, the removal of shame, and deliverance from all that binds us. Wanting us to brim with hope, God promised His Son, Jesus, who would meet these needs for us. This Christmas, we want to consider what God promised long ago, how Jesus fulfilled those promises, and what this means for us today. 

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