We believe God intended for the Christian life to be done in community with other believers and they should gather together often to worship God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. The people who gather, not the place where they gather is called a church. The study or doctrine of the local church is called Ecclesiology. We believe membership in a local church is absolutely essential for both your spiritual growth in God and your endurance to finish strong and then see God after death.

What Do We Believe?

As a church, we’ve compiled several documents to help provide you with a good foundation of what we believe and some biblical guidance on certain aspects of the Christian life and life within the church.


Why Join The Local Church?

At Providence, we believe that all Christians should belong to the local church. Click below for practical and theological reasons why we love to see people engaged in a local body of believers.


Take your next step toward joining Providence.

1. Become a Follower of Jesus

Visit the Welcome Center in the Main Lobby after a service, and let us know you are interested in connecting with Providence.

We will introduce you to a deacon (those who simply want to serve you). Your deacon will be your guide through the membership process.

Your deacon will meet with you to explain the process. Because the church is the body of believers in Christ (Christians), he will ask you to share with him about how you became a follower of Jesus. If you are uncertain about this, he will gladly share with you how you may know Jesus personally and be certain of your salvation.

2. Baptism

This is not required if you have previously been baptized as a believer by immersion in a Christian church.

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3. Begin the Pathway to Spiritual Growth

The Connect step is offered multiple times a year on Sunday mornings and is required prior to membership.

Middle school and high school students should also attend this step if they wish to become a non-voting member (any member under age 18 is a non-voting member).


4. Be Introduced

The final step is to be introduced to the congregation through a quarterly member’s email sent by the senior pastor.