Middle East Conflict & The Gospel

Middle East Conflict & The Gospel

We are living during a time of tremendous conflict and within a culture that is feeling a famine that is “not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord” (Amos 8:11). Most people know far more about what’s happening in the world...

Disciple-Making Training with Dr. Sam Chan

Disciple-Making Training with Dr. Sam Chan

COMMUNITY is the most powerful factor in determining BELIEF in something."Dr. Sam Chan (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is a member of The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics. Based in Australia, Chan's life is dedicated to coaching and teaching...

CityServe Rally – Fall 2023

CityServe Rally – Fall 2023

CityServe is our bi-annual emphasis on serving the city we live in with intentionality, vigor, and love. We love serving our community year-round, but these Saturdays are such a sweet time for us to rally together and go out into the city. Check out this highlight...

Janet and Rodger Saul’s Story

Janet and Rodger Saul’s Story

We know He can, we just don't know His plan.Rodger and Janet Saul's life together was seemingly interrupted when Rodger was diagnosed with a tumor that was growing out of his ear. They were shocked, and they weren't sure of what the outcome would be. But, what they...

Resources To Help You When You Feel Guilty

We are all guilty. We think that if we can deny our sin, we can find peace, but that is a lie. How do we avoid becoming overwhelmed by guilt? How can we be washed of all our sins? How is it possible that sin can just be blotted out? It is only by the cross. Our sin is...

How To Handle Hopelessness

Despair is the feeling of hopelessness and anguish that leads us to say, “My soul is full of troubles” (Psalm 88:3). Despair is dangerous because it tempts us to settle, sin, or self-harm for relief. When feeling hopeless, many compromise, many turn to self-numbing...

I’m Anxious…What Now?

I’m Anxious…What Now?

40 million Americans struggle with some form of chronic anxiety. Every generation is 3x more likely to struggle with anxiety than their parents. Life is anxious for us all at different degrees, and when we face the stress that whips up the waters of our hearts,...

I Feel Abandoned…What should I do?

When we are bereaved by death, devastated by divorce, disowned by a family, broken by a break-up, rejected by a friend, discarded by a boss, and we look to God only to hear/see no help; this is what it means to feel forsaken. And yet, Jesus endured utmost loss to...

How Can I Fight Fear?

Fear is what we feel when facing the threat of harm, and we live in such a scary world, it can feel like fear is taking over our life. Nothing changes the tide of fear in our lives like knowing and remember who God is and that God is with us always. Even when we are...

Courtney’s Story

All it took was for one person to say, "Just come and see," for Courtney's life to be changed.   https://vimeo.com/354690173

Jessica’s Battle With Postpartum Depression

Jessica's family didn't have a history of mental illness and she already had one child, but something changed after the birth of her second child that took her by surprise and leaving her feeling angry towards her own newborn child.   https://vimeo.com/316354417

Emily Rhyder’s Story

Emily grew up in a Christian home but never knew Jesus as Savior. When she got to high school, she immediately began to search for acceptance and satisfaction, and in doing that, was left empty…so empty that she began to look to drugs and partying in hopes of gaining...

The Pinder Family

The Pinder family attended Providence off and on for years. After several years, they were personally encouraged to attend a Life Group. They attended one week and never looked back! From there they planted themselves in the community of Providence by attending...

Amanda’s Story and Baptism

Amanda fought loneliness her entire life, from marrying a Muslim to having a son, nothing seemed to satisfy her. After several unlikely encounters, Amanda's heart was eager to hear more about Jesus. https://vimeo.com/199898898

The Last Days

With many different views of what will happen in last days on earth, what can we know for sure as Christians? Listen to Dr. Andy Davis teach from Bible to give clarity to this complex topic.  https://vimeo.com/58402025