Did God Really Say?

Our Series, “Did God Really Say?” examines the foundations God designed for human flourishing, the brokenness and confusion that exists in areas such as authority, life’s sanctity, race, gender, sexuality, responsibility, and justice, and then God’s path for restoration. As created beings, we simply won’t flourish unless we yield to what our Creator really did say.

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Spiritual Faultlines

In Genesis 3, Pastor Brian Frost shows 3 spiritual faultlines, breaking points that divided human flourishing from human brokenness.

Life In The Womb To The Tomb

Jesus did more than provide salvation. He also vindicated the sanctity of human life from conception to death.

The Sour Grapes Of Injustice

The closer we get to understanding what people mean when they say, ‘social justice,’ the more confusion seems to exist and the more discrepancy appears between it and the justice found in the Bible.

Precious In His Sight

While ‘lived experience’ is real and formative, it doesn’t constitute the authority for how we are to think or respond. We live in God’s world and He is the authority. 

Male & Female

Brian Frost traes the story of the Bible related to ‘gender’ so we can see God’s plan, how things broke, and how to flourish again.

The Marriage Bed

God has a plan and purpose for sex in the world. In this sermon, we will examine that purpose together. With the ultimate hope that we will together turn from our broken sexual desires and believe that God and his plan for sexuality are better. 

Doing What Is Right For Others 

From a distance, ‘social justice’ seems to fit with the kingdom we are led to imagine that Christ will uphold forevermore (Isaiah 9:7), but the closer we get to understanding what people mean when they say it, the more confusion exists and the more discrepancy appears between it and the justice in the Bible.

One Way To Heaven

We can’t pick and choose from His Word and flourish. We can’t redefine truth and flourish. Truth is not what we feel, what works, or what we agree with. Truth is what He says. “The sum of your word is truth” (Ps. 119:160). We must hold to His words, for they are the words that matter.



We live under constant pressure to do more and be more. In the busyness, sometimes it’s hard to see how the Bible is relevant in our daily lives. We work hard to make a safe space for people of all ages and stages to explore what it means to know and follow Jesus. We believe the God of the Bible is the source of our meaning and want to live in alignment with Him.

Our hope is to be a close-knit community of believers and faith explorers doing life together.