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Facilities Safety Team

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Rich Haman

Why does the Facilities Safety Team exist?

To maintain a structured team with the capability and infrastructure to evaluate and manage medical, active threat, and natural disaster emergency situations – through training and organization – ensuring a safe environment, so the body of Christ at Providence can continue its mission effectively.

What will the Facilities Safety Team do?
  • Men and Women working as a part of a structured team to survey and monitor Sunday mornings and special events, ensuring a safe environment for learn and fellowship.

  • Involvement in both formalized training and self-committed practice to enhance the individuals’ situational awareness, communication skills, firearm handling, and trauma medical care.

  • Working directly with law enforcement at Providence to achieve the goals and mission of the Team.

  • Commitment to serve one full Sunday every four-week rotation (7:30am – 12:30pm), as well as some special events, training events, and meetings.

If you are interested in serving on the Facilities Safety Team, please fill out the FST Interest Form. Please understand that due to the nature of this ministry, we cannot accept every interested person. Once the interest form is submitted, you will receive an email from our FST Leadership Team. Next steps may include an Application Form,  Criminal Background Check, and an interview with the FST Leadership Team.