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Today, the term “Father” can evoke a wide range of emotional responses, from deep and abiding affection to visceral anger to complete ambivalence. We all have opinions on what a dad is and isn’t. We all have experiences, good and bad, that shape those opinions. If we only build our idea of “Father” off of our individual experiences, we will end up with a complex and distorted picture, and that’s precisely what we have.  But what if we had a starting point that grounded our understanding of a father in something so rich and great that it would encourage and inspire all men to rise up to something deeply honorable, eternally glorious, and selflessly sacrificial?  


The fact is, we do. Before the foundations of the world, God the Creator was first God the Father. His deep, abiding love for His Son compelled Him to create the whole world (and us) to share in that love. 


God is the picture of a perfect Father, but even that truth may cause you to scoff. If you only know God through fragmented experiences; disconnected or unfamiliar with the whole of His story in the Bible, you won’t reach the depths of the goodness of that term. Truly understanding the person and the love of God is the start of understanding the role of a dad here on earth 


Maybe you’ve struggled; with your dad, or with being a dad.  You’re not alone. The reality of the presence of sin twists good things into broken things. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and we want to help. 

Here’s a short list of resources that can help shape an understanding of God, a biblical understanding of manhood, the importance of parenting well, and the role of Dad:

  • Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves – Starts a rich conversation on the Trinity by unpacking the importance that God was first and eternally, a Father. While this book is not specifically about fatherhood, or men, it is immensely important to understanding who God is and coincidentally what a father is.
  • The Masculine Mandate by Richard Phillips – Roots biblical manhood in the creation story, showing God’s design from men before the fall, and implications for men going forward from Genesis 3.
  • Parenting by Paul Tripp – This book outlines 14 fundamental principles for parenting that flow freely from the goodness of the Gospel. This is a great, foundational parenting book for new parents and not-so-new parents.
  • Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker – Great book on the importance and role of dads in the life of daughters.
  • Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis – Originally released over 20 years ago, this book still holds timeless truths to help fathers raise Godly sons.

Men’s Breakfast (4-Week Conflict Resolution Study)

Join us for a 4-week series to discuss relational conflict at Men’s Breakfast! The series will begin on August 1 and will finish on August 22. Arrive at 6:30 AM at Providence to enjoy breakfast, fellowship, teaching, and discussion. If you have a middle school or high school son, this is a great opportunity to invite them to participate in the series with you! Registration is required for the series.

*Men’s Breakfast takes place every Tuesday at 6:30, so we would love to see you there even if you can’t join for the 4-week series!

Men’s Precept Bible Study

Looking for an opportunity to study the Bible in-depth alongside like-minded men? Join our Men`s Precept group this summer and fall! The group is currently walking through a 4-part study through the book of Revelation. They meet in room 202 on Thursdays from 7-9 PM. Registration is required.

For Dads Only Parenting Seminar

Parenting often comes with unique joys and challenges specific to being a dad. We want to invite you to an evening focused on topics related to parenting and fatherhood. Join us Sunday, September 24th at 6 PM in the Amphitheater. Registration is required.