North America

This is a live video call hosted by front-line Gospel workers in Central Asia who hope to strengthen partnerships with churches in the US by highlighting God’s goodness in our ministries among the unreached. In the same region that once was home to the seven churches of Revelation, God is at work establishing His church in the midst of lostness.

The Virtual Trip will take place between 11 AM and 1 PM EST. This will be paired with an optional “connection hour” on either end of this 2-hour virtual trip. This hour will provide a chance to connect more informally with the hosts. Each host will have their own breakout room and you can choose which one to join (or pop in and out to visit with different hosts). Based on your time zone and preference, these Connection Hours will take place during the hour before as well as the hour after the virtual trip.

Schedule (EST):

10 – 11 AM Optional Connection Hour

11 AM – 1 PM Live Virtual Trip

1 – 2 PM Optional Connection Hour

Trip Dates

October 23 - 23, 2021