Brian & Jeannie Schmidt

Orlando, Florida, United States

The JESUS film is used by hundreds of organizations around the world as an on-ramp to sharing the gospel. It is now translated into nearly 1800 languages and continues to broaden its coverage. When people watch and hear the JESUS film in their own heart language, God’s Spirit works to convict and bring them to himself.

Brian is the manager of the Jesus Film Project IT department. Department areas include providing and supporting user laptop and desktop computers, cell phones and data devices for international travel, and managing the storage that contains the vital information that supports JESUS film and other related videos. Backup and recovery is a critical component to ensure priceless assets of Jesus Film Project are always available.

Jeannie works with Brian and the team in the Jesus Film Project IT department, overseeing inventory management of computer assets as well as supplies such as office and printer needs across Jesus Film Project.

Prayer Requests

Pray the Lord will powerfully continue to use the JESUS film to bring the 2.5 billion people who have never heard of him, to an encounter with Jesus in their own heart language.

Pray they will have a servant's heart in all they do and will reflect Jesus in their marriage to others as a testimony of what He has done for them.

Pray the Lord will continue to draw their children and grandchildren to Him each day and they will be fully committed to Him.

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