Bryan Mills

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Growing up in the south, Bryan heard stories of the Bible, and she knew who Jesus was, but never really understood the life that God offered in Himself. In college, she went through a very difficult season. Before that time, she had always thought that God was up in Heaven doing His thing and that people were down on earth, doing their own thing. It was through a painful season that God began to teach her that it was His greatest desire not only to be a part of her life but to be a part of her every day and every moment. Bryan saw that Jesus entered into the world and died on our behalf so that we could enter back into fellowship with the Father through His sacrifice on our behalf. This was absolutely revolutionary for her. She was and still is amazed today, that the Lord of all creation, of all that surrounds us, longs to do life with her–that He longs to be known and make Himself known to all who will call on Him. It is this heart of God, to be known, that is the greatest passion of her heart.

Bryan took her first mission trip overseas to Mendoza, Argentina when she was 22 years old. It was there that she fell in love with the world and God began to birth a desire in her heart to see the nations come to know Him. The world no longer seemed like a big, scary, and unknown thing. She found people on the other side of the world who are just like her and wired the same, even though they look different, speak another language, and eat some weird things. She realized that we share the same basic needs in life, but most of all, the need for hope. Hope that we matter to someone, hope that we’re loved, and only God can meet that core need in us through Jesus. And it was there that she saw for herself how much bigger and stronger God was than she had ever believed.

Soon after Argentina followed Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Ethiopia, and more. With all of her trips overseas, she just couldn’t figure out why God hadn’t asked her to go and live amongst a people group or given her a heart for a specific nation. For years she wrestled with her desire to be in ministry, to be a part of making God’s name known, desiring to somehow be a bridge between the work that God was doing in the nations and sharing that with churches here in America. As time passed, God began to shape a very specific dream in her heart. She wrote journal after journal, if she could do whatever her heart desired, she would love to help train and lead teams overseas, helping to cast the vision of who God was and what He was doing in the world.

After returning home from a trip overseas in the summer of 2013 with Sports Friends, she sensed the Lord calling her into full-time missions/ministry. At that time, she really thought God was calling her to move to Ethiopia to partner with Sports Friends there. But as she began to walk down that path, the Lord closed the door.  Initially, she was confused because it seemed so clear that God wanted her to work with this ministry. But, as she began to pray and seek out how to move forward, she quickly learned about an opportunity to partner with Sports Friends in the area of Church Partnership. And so now, as she begins working with Sports Friends, she can see how God was using all the time she was waiting to prepare her for this job specifically! All of the trips she took to areas all around the world were making her ready to help lead teams and share that work with the church in America!

The vision of Sports Friends is to see a global movement of local church-centered sports ministries transforming lives and strengthening communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The heart of the organization is to be a training and equipping ministry for the church that uses the powerful tool of sports as a universal language to reach youth with the goal of sharing the love of Christ and building relationships. As the lives of the youth are changed, they take the gospel home, and whole communities are transformed with the power of the gospel! Bryan’s job is to connect churches with this vision, and to help lead short-term teams overseas to experience what God is doing through sports ministry!

Birthday: December 17

Prayer Requests

Pray that God would equip her to serve him well as she seeks to establish and strengthen the church partnerships of Sports Friends. Pray that God would be glorified in and through her life, and that He would be her greatest treasure in every sphere of life.

Pray that the Lord would clearly and quickly lead her to a new church home and community in the Charlotte area; that she could find strong fellowship in a new place.

Pray for her family as she has transitioned into this role with Sports Friends. Please also pray for those in her family that don’t know the Lord.

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