“E” Family

Central Asia

“D” and “L” work with humanitarian aid and disaster relief in Central Asia.

They are members of Providence and are connected with the Stevens Life Group.

For “D & L’s” contact information, email Bev Benfield.

Birthdays: “D” (August 6) “L” (September 16), “E” (May 16, 2011)

Anniversary: May 24, 2003

Prayer Requests

Pray for the "E's" to balance family and ministry well, especially "D" as his job has him serving lots of people.

Pray for "L" to be bold and courageous to get out and meet other women as she cares for "E" each day.

The hearts of the people there are hard but people are willing to listen. Pray for seeds to fall on soft soil and for a great harvest to be reaped.

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